A Constituent Calls For Senator Vitter To Resign

Here is a letter from a constituent of Senator Vitter. Vitter closely aligns himself with the Bush administration, and endorses Rudy Giuliani as the next President. Vitter had been spearheading Republican efforts to try to take the Louisiana House, using a political action committee he founded called Louisiana Committee for a Republican Majority. Vitter is the junior U.S. Senator from Louisiana, and was recently in the news for being involved in a sex scandal. This is not why the letter writer wants him to resign though.
Here is a letter from a constituent to Senator David Vitter;

Dear Senator Vitter,

Over the last year and a half I have been watching all
our public servants very closely to see that the words
and promises made are true to actions taken. You
Senator Vitter have lied continuously to the American
citizenry. I am not concerned about the personal
issues you have with your sex life. I couldn’t care
less about that apart that hiring prostitutes is
illegal. I am expressly concerned about your following
the White House in every action they’ve taken to
illegally invade a sovereign nation and suppress our
God given rights.

There is no excuse for what you have done. Whether you
believe in the action taken as part of a true war on
terrorism, a way to expand economic interests, or to
gain a military foothold in a hostile region is beyond
the point. Justifications of national security DO NOT
allow the representatives of the American citizenry to
break international law. You sir are responsible for
the continued illegal occupation of a sovereign

You say you support our troops, but you sir, are
responsible for the blood of each and every Louisiana
citizen that died oversees and for all those that
perished or lost everything in the aftermath of
Katrina because we could not organize the state
militia in time. You can say that you care, but after
examining your record I simply don’t believe you at

Madison said, your right to flail your fists ends at
the tip of my nose. You sir have been flailing away to
the detriment of the people you claim to represent.
Your personal interests and foibles have caused you to
lose sight of why you were elected in the first place;
to keep the people of your state safe. Terrorist
attacks worldwide have expanded to 10 times the number
before the Iraq war and continue to rise, yet you
claim us to be safer. You claim the generals are
making the plans for Iraq. That is a bold faced lie.
This war is plan of the White House. The marketing of
the occupation may have, but the strategy has not
changed since the beginning. General Pattreaus wrote
the manual on the military invasion of a foreign
country. His own writings demand that we have
approximately 500-600 thousand troops in order to
quell the nation of Iraq based on its population. But
according to his testimony we can go back to pre-surge
levels now. That alone, would it not be for the
continued cherry picking of information, redefining
war wounds and deaths to shrink casualty numbers, the
mysterious loss of billions of dollars, and so much
more, should be enough proof for you to know that he
is not making strategy for the US and that it is the
White House itself.

Senator, you have lost your way. You no longer have
the respect of your people. We cannot trust you
anymore to do your job.

Therefore, as a true American citizen whose family has
fought in many wars and has held many different
positions in government and administrations and as the
hereditary heir to some of the great pioneers of this,
our United States of America, I am calling for you to
resign your position as Senator. It is time for you to
leave sir and take a job where your personal interests
do not become detriments to the safety of the people
of The United States of America. I hope that you take
these words to heart and realize how far you’ve
strayed from the precepts laid down by the progenitors
of this great nation.

Chris LeGore

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