Another One Drops Out To Endorse Hillary Clinton

Indiana Senator Evan Bayh, who once aspired to be President, has announced that he will endorse Hillary Clinton. “I believe that the next president of the United States must be experienced and seasoned, must be smart, and must be tough,” Bayh said. “And I believe that Hillary Clinton is all of these things and more.” “Hillary Clinton is a seasoned, experienced leader who will be ready to lead this country on Day One,” Bayh said. Bayh serves on the Senate Armed Services Committee with Clinton, and traveled to Iraq with her last January just before she announced her intentions to run. “I believe she will run a campaign that is both tough and smart when it comes to protecting our nation’s security,” Bayh said. Bayh was named a national co-chair of Clinton’s campaign. Bayh follows in the footsteps of other potential Democratic candidates that have dropped out only to endorse Clinton. Last week General Wesley Clark announced he was endorsing Clinton, and Tom Vilsack dropped out earlier in the year to become her campaign chairman. Bayh may end up on a short list of potential vice presidential candidates. “It goes without saying that his record of public service is extraordinary,” Clinton said when asked if she would pick Bayh to be her vice president. “I have the highest personal and professional regard for him.”
Alan Cosgrove

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