Advocates For War

A new pressure group, Freedom’s Watch have taken up the banner to support the war in Iraq. Freedom’s Watch plan a $15 million television, radio and grass-roots campaign starting today designed to shore up support for Bush’s policies in Iraq. They want to put pressure on Congress to support the war just before Army General David Petraeus, lays out a White House assessment of the war’s progress. This is the same progress report that the White House plans on writing for the General so he gets it right. The group already has a couple of pro-war videos on YouTube. One of the groups spokesman is former Bush White House spokesman Ari Fleischer. Fleischer said in an interview, “For people who believe in peace through strength, the cavalry is coming.” Fleischer wants, “to rally the country and encourage Congress to fully fund the troops in Iraq.” According to the web site the goal of the group, “as we await General Petraeus’ report, is to make sure our elected leaders do not abandon our nation’s mission in Iraq and that they do not cave in to the demands of those who want to cut and run.” So if you want to donate some more cash to war, besides all those tax dollars that has already been spent, then donate to this pro-war group. It would be interesting to see how many of the ring leaders of this group have actually been in the military. The only ones really benefiting from the war in Iraq are the war profiteers like Halliburton, and Brown and Root. Fortunately, there other groups working just as hard on behalf of peace. Americans Against Escalation In Iraq is planning a new organization initiative called Iraq Summer. They plan on deploying “110 organizers to the Districts of critical House and Senate Republicans who still support the President’s disastrous policy in Iraq. Their job will be to execute a national program to help fracture critical elements of the Republican base of support for the war by early fall.” So this fall General Petraeus will deliver his letter back to the White House, and advocacy groups will spend millions to convince Congress and us what we need to believe, and all of us will be just as confused and divided about this war as we were before the millions were spent.
Alan Cosgrove

Here is one of the videos from Freedom’s Watch;

If you would like to see more videos from Freedom’s Watch click here.

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