Chuck Hagel May Beat Ron Paul On Presidential Idol In August

There are only 10 more days left for voting in August for Presidential Idol, and Ron Paul’s lead is dwindling. Ron Paul has won this monthly poll every time since we started, but this month non-candidate Chuck Hagel is hot on his heals. Ron Paul currently has about 27% while Hagel has a little over 24%. At the end of the month we will kick the candidate with the least votes off of Presidential Idol. The candidates currently on the hot seat are Fred Thompson, John McCain, John Edwards, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Bill Richardson. If these are your candidates go to Presidential Idol and vote for them. Voting is free and you don’t need to register, just vote. On November 2008 we will come down to one candidate and they will be the first Presidential Idol. Thanks for voting, and have some fun.
Alan Cosgrove

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