Al Gore Leaves The Door Open While In Milan

Al Gore was in Milan this past week and he denounced the G8 for coming up short on curbing greenhouse gases. He called it “a disgrace disguised as an achievement.” The G8 leaders agreed to pursue “substantial” reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, but they stopped short of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s idea of concrete commitments on emission reductions, including her key aim to cut gases by 50 percent by 2050. Al Gore said, “The eight most powerful nations gathered and were unable to do anything except to say ‘We had good conversations and we agreed that we will have more conversations, and we will even have conversations about the possibility of doing something in the future on a voluntary basis perhaps.'” After a speech in Milan where Gore praised Merkel’s ideas he stressed that his primary mission right now is climate change, an issue he calls a “planetary emergency.” “I don’t plan to be a candidate again. I haven’t completely ruled out that possibility, but I don’t expect to be a candidate,” Gore told the crowd of mostly students and scientists. He had no comment on the other candidates environmental policies saying, “In general, the debates have not featured prominently an exchange of views on the climate crisis.” Then Gore added, “If I do my job, it will be the No. 1 issue in 500 days.” Al Gore is by far the best non-candidate on the Democratic side, and probably even better than the Republican’s Fred Thompson. If you would like to know where the candidates do stand on environmental issues check out The Heat Is On 08. This website is put together by The League Of Conservative Voters Education Fund. They call it a quick-reference guide on the current positions on global warming of the presidential candidates.
Alan Cosgrove

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