Rudy Giuliani Role Model Is Ronald Reagan

Rudy Giuliani has been pretty careful not to criticize President Bush up to now. On Thursday he suggested that Bush might have lacked some leadership skills saying, “What we’re lacking is strong, aggressive, bold leadership like we had with Ronald Reagan.” He also suggested this Tuesday when he explained to a reporter why he could pass school vouchers when President Bush wasn’t able to. “That’s what leadership is about,” Giuliani said. “Leadership is about doing things that in the past other people weren’t able to do.” But Giuliani stuck to his support of our sitting President explaining his remarks after the speech. “I have tremendous admiration for President Bush,” he said. “I guess in the first debate when some of my Republican colleagues were trying to distance themselves I went ahead and I said, you know, we Republicans should be talking about the things President Bush has done right.” That shouldn’t take to long. Then Giuliani expressed his admiration for Bush by saying, “I think President Bush made the single biggest decision of his presidency correctly,”….. “He put us on offense against terrorism. I will always admire him for that.” But then Giuliani goes on to say, “As far as the things that developed my ideas and thinking, which developed as a much younger man, it was Ronald Reagan.” So if you want more of George Bush, but with Ronald Reagan’s leadership style you should vote for Giuliani. At least according to Giuliani.
Alan Cosgrove

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