Mike Bloomberg Says The County Is Not Ready For Him Yet

Mike Bloomberg is heading to the place of the nations first primary this weekend. Bloomberg says his trip to New Hampshire is purely a social visit though. On his radio show Bloomberg said, “People will read into the fact that I’m going to be in New Hampshire tomorrow.” His host John Gambling then teased, “They have a primary there, you know.” Bloomberg answered back to him, “That may be, but the truth of the matter is I’m going to be in New Hampshire just for dinner.” He says he is heading there this weekend to attend his girlfriend’s college reunion. He is still insisting that he will serve out his whole mayor term which runs into 09. Then Bloomberg added, “I don’t think the country is quite ready for me.” Besides even if he was running he said he would wait until there are two clear front runners, so he could determine if he had a chance with an independent run. He also is scheduled to go to California next weekend to talk to Google employees just like four other presidential candidates have so far. The web search engine has invited all the presidential candidates to speak to their employees. A Google spokesman said that Bloomberg wasn’t invited under the presidential series of talks. Bloomberg is covering all bases just in case he changes his mind and decides the country is finally ready for him.
Alan Cosgrove

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