Mike Gravel And His Strange Videos

There are two new videos on YouTube that star Presidential candidate Mike Gravel. The ads have no promises, and no platforms. In the first video Gravel stares at the camera for about a minute, then turns around and throws a rock into a lake. Then he just walks away. I am guessing the rock represents Iraq, the economy, or a rock. It could be we are not listening anyway, so why say anything. In the second ad Gravel is walking in the woods gathering wood for a fire. Then he sits next to the fire. The rest of the ad, about 7 minutes, is the fire burning with gravel2008.us plastered across it. Kinda like that yule log video offered during Christmas. I guess this is the political version of it. The two ads are brought to us by YouTube user Bilinsi who claims to be working for the Gravel campaign. The videos are called Rock and Fire. I like Rock, but I’m a bit cold on the Fire ad. Anybody out there understand what in the hell he is trying to say?? It might be important.
Alan Cosgrove

Here is the first ad Mike Gravel – Rock –

And here is the second more boring ad, Mike Gravel – Fire –

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