Al Gore May Become an Honorary Gopher, and Romney to Start the Billion Dollar Ad Campaign

Al Gore has done it again, now The University of Minnesota may give him an honorary degree for his work in climatology. There is talks of plans to have him speak and then get his degree. Chris Dodd is depending on states like Iowa and New Hampshire to pull him past the big three; Obama, Clinton, and Edwards. Dodd said in an AP interview, “There is enough time yet to change this, because there are places like Iowa and New Hampshire that give candidates like myself a chance to be heard.” Dodd said he prefers the small intimate settings like cafe’s and living rooms, compared to the large settings the other candidates are using, “Unless this has all changed, and I don’t believe that it has, then chatting in a living room face to face is still a very important feature of campaigning here,” Dodd said. “I don’t think you can come in here and do sort of a wholesale political operation from 35,000 feet with a pit stop here and there and a media campaign behind you.” Dodd is attracting 30 to 50 people per speach, whereas the other candidates have had thousands at their rallies. In one of those sparsely attended speeches Dodd said he wanted the troops home now, and that he is sorry he voted in 2002 for the war. Joe Biden is in Reno talking about the last time he ran for President, 1988. He dropped out of that campaign because he was caught lifting passages from others candidates speechs, and using them as his own. Now Biden says the important issue is national security. Since Biden is in his sixth term as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he feels he is best qualified to run this country so concerned with national security. Biden is scheduled to appear at the Wednesday’s forum at the Carson City Community Center. Also scheduled to appear are; Hillary Clinton, Chris Dodd, John Edwards, Mike Gravel, Bill Richardson, Tom Vilsack and Dennis Kucinich. the only candidate not appearing, because of scheduling conflicts, is Obama. Maybe Obama lacks the experience to debate still, give him a bit of time. Hillary was in Florida and said that Bush’s No Child Left Behind program has left some children behind. She was speaking in Liberty City a mostly black neighborhood near Miami, where she said the federal government can do more to help minority businesses. It is clear that Clinton is trying to attrack the black vote that might otherwise vote for Obama. Her husband was once dubbed the first black President, and she is trying to follow his legacy. Mitt Romney is going to release his first Presidential ad. It is supposed to tell about how Romney saved the Winter Olympics, and turned around a Democrat state as Governor. It is scheduled to start Wed. and air in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Michigan and Florida. This is the first ad from a major candidate, and a start of an ad campaign that may cost about a billion dollars before it is all over. As soon as I find it I will post it for all to see.
Alan Cosgrove

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