Rage Against The Machine to Reunite About 6 Years to Late

Rage Against the Machine will reunite for this year’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Although a total reuion tour has not been announced, it is sure to be just around the corner. Coachella has been a launching pad for reuion tours in the past. Lead guitarist Tom Morello is taking blame for the Bush administration and has decided to mend fences with his band mates, “To deliver a knockout blow to the Bush administration.” Not to mention the millions of dollars a reuion tour would bring. Morello went on to say in a MTV interview;

Is it coincidence that in the seven years that Rage Against the Machine has been away that the country has slid into right-wing purgatory? I think not,” he said. “It occurred to all of us that the times were right to see if we can knock the Bush administration out in one fell swoop, and we hope to do that job well. This administration has done enough damage that it may take generations to undo. This is an administration that believes it’s beyond the laws of the land, which is fine for emperors, but not so great for presidents. One thing this president isn’t above is the laws of physics, and there is no action without reaction. And we’re part of that reaction.”

Well if that’s all it takes, then where in the hell have you been Tom? He says he has been the Nightwatchman, and playing in a now defunct band, Audioslave. Good luck Rage, and rock on till you tear down the Bush administration.

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