Al Sharpton Plays Fat Lady For Hillary Clinton

The Rev. Al Sharpton has gotten out of the New City Jail just in time to tell Hillary Clinton to drop out of the race. In an interview on New York’s Channel 1 he said it is impossible for Clinton to win “without the total destruction of the Democratic Party.” That sounds like a veiled threat to me. Is he going to call for protest in the streets to help unite the party? He went on to compare Clinton to an entertainer that would sing to an empty room. “The worst thing in the world is when an entertainer doesn’t know when the show is over,” he said. “The audience is gone, the lights are down, you’re getting ready to cut the mics off and you are still on the stage singing.” Then he added, “It’s over, it’s all right, it’s over,” he said. “Come sing another day, but this show is over, Senator Clinton.” It is comments like this from racist like Sharpton that will keep “typical white people” throwing their support for Clinton. Clinton should continue until all of the votes have been counted including Michigan and Florida. Then the superdelegates can make a decision. The purpose of a convention is to pick a candidate, not a coronation ball for some media picked candidate. Since when is good debate harmful to democracy? If this contest continues all the way to the convention it should strengthen the party, not destroy it. Veiled threats of protest and chaos, and racism will destroy this party, not pure democracy and debate.
Alan Cosgrove

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