Obama Supporter Interrupts, Bill Clinton Fires Back

Bill Clinton was in Fayetteville, West Virginia talking to a crowd about Hillary’s work on health care when he was interrupted by an Obama supporter who disagreed with him. Ruth Callibra, a member of a group called the Revolutionary party, yelled up through the crowd that Hillary had done nothing for health care when Bill was President. Clinton stopped speaking o address this complaint by saying, “I can’t believe you’re saying this. There are, there are millions of pages of documents that we have released showing the exhausting work that was done the tens of thousands of people who were consulted, the rallies and movements we had all over the country. Now wait a minute. I listened to you. You interrupted my speech. You let me talk, will you? You interrupted my speech.” Clinton then added, “This is, one of the problems, one of the problems of this whole presidential campaign is how many things that people have said that are flat untrue.” Clinton continued explaining that Hillary still fights for health care as a Senator. “After we lost, Hillary went back, and worked on the children’s health insurance program, which gave six million kids healthcare, the biggest increase since Medicare. You might be interested to know that because we because we held cost down and did other things we had the first reduction of people without health insurance in a dozen years when I was president, because of what we did on healthcare. There is nobody in America who has more credibility and for you or any other person to claim she didn’t work on it, is the craziest thing I ever heard.” Calabria, who claims she is an Obama supporter did not have all her facts straight and Bill tried to correct her. Maybe she has been to to many Obama rallies and really believes that Hillary has done nothing to fight for universal health care. That Obamanation story can go right up there with the ‘he voted against the war’ misconception.
Alan Cosgrove

Here is a video of some of the exchange and a post-fight interview with Ms. Calabria;

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  4. JP says:

    Never interupt the one who has the microphone.

  5. JP says:

    I’ve learned that the hard way by calling radio talk shows.

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