All The News Fair And Balanced, Fox News on First Muslim Candidate for President

This is a Fox and Friends video from last week when Obama first announced his exploratory committee.   This is the Fox and Friends crew claiming Obama is a closet Muslim.  I like the way they give credit to Hillary for spreading this rumor. I guess Hillary is hanging with the right wing press. I mean, what better bunch to spread misinformation. The orgin of this claim is from conservative Insight Magazine which claims it got it from an “unnamed source…..connected to Senator Clinton.” Of course the Clinton camp denies any involvement.
Alan Cosgrove

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2 Responses to All The News Fair And Balanced, Fox News on First Muslim Candidate for President

  1. Punchy says:

    I know this story is old…but I just watched the FNC clips from Newshound on this whole thing….it does sound like they are eating crow for the first report…but at least they retracted. Would you have preferred cast of Fox and Friends to cry on camera, admit they are alcoholics, and promise to go to rehab for reporting the same shit everyone else (CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, CBS, NBC, Reuters, Drudge, AP) did from Insight?

    Stop the FOX hatin…if you already know the news, wouldn’t you rather look at the “enemy’s” play book?

    You love FOX!! Without Fox you’d pick on somebody else that was beating out the HIGH AND MIGHTY CNN !!!

    Maybe all the Fox haters would go after MSNBC because it has something to do with THE EVIL MICROSOFT !! You know, the company that dominates the conversation on all the Apple Computer blogs.

    Stop the Playa Hatin!!

    FNC is #1 in ratings because there is no bitching on their channel. It’s passionless and vanilla in origin. They have hot babes and angry men.

    What more could you want from 24 hr “Newzak?”


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