Bush Clinton Bush Clinton Bush….I’m Getting Dizzy

This past weekend influx of Presidetial hopfuls has carried on over to today’s news. Of the three Democrats that announced Hillary is considered a front runner, but many doubt she can win. If she did win and went on through to 2016, that would 28 years of Bush’s and Clinton’s. And if that isn’t enough they is talk of Jeb Bush running after that. I think we have had enough of these guys. She also has a high percentage of people that will vote to vote against her. Do you really think Bubu down in the south will vote for her? I’m sure Bubu will talk the talk in front of his wife, but behind that voting curtain is a different story. Both Hillary and Obama had a free ride into the Senate. Hillary faced Guliani until he was sick and the Republicans came up with a weak second stringer to face her. She also spent millions to get in a second time. Obama faced Alan Keyes, need I say more???
And then there is Richardson, probably the most qualified of this weekends bunch, but also least likely to succed. The Republican’s are a bit slower about jumping in mostly out of respect for Bush, but they are still chomping at the bit to jump in, and acting like candidates. McCain and Giuliani are the Republican front runners. Last week McCain hired some big gun political consultants, and Giuliani is traveling all over the place talking about the feasibility of running for President. It’s a long way to go, and at this time in 2004 Joe Lieberman, and Dick Gephardt where ahead of John Kerry.
Alan Cosgrove

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