100 Hours and a Side of Fries

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats just finished the first two weeks, and slammed through in 100 hours 6 soft bills with wide popular support: increasing the minimum wage, broadening stem cell research, allowing government bargaining on Medicare drug prices, cutting student loan costs, putting in place terrorism-fighting recommendations from the Sept. 11 commission and rolling back energy company tax breaks. I guess this is a throwback to Franklin Roosevelts first 100 days. These were major acts that helped revive confidence in the ecconomy after the depression. Most of the acts passed in Pelosi’s first 100 hours were soft. It is expected that Bush will veto the stem cell research bill as he did last time. The Stem Cell bill is the only bill that Bush has vetoed during his whole 6 six years. Instead of vetoes, President Bush prefers to rewrite the rules to fit his needs with special signing statements.
Now The Democrats and Pelosi will have to face some real issues like the war in Iraq, and the Immigration issue that seems to have so many torn up. I can only assume the 100 hours theme comes from our thirst for instant gratification. But it is too much like fast food, you get what yo pay for. Personally I would prefer to wait for the cooks to slowly cook my meal to perfection, as opposed to grabing something at the drive through.
Alan Cosgrove

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