Newt Says He is in Only as a Last Resort

On Fox News Sunday Newt Gingrich Gingrinch campaign site
claims he will only run for President as a last resort. Here is a brief section of his interview with Chris Wallace,
WALLACE: But you sound as if you think about running for president as a last resort, not as a first resort.

GINGRICH: Exactly. I mean, nobody’s ever said it quite that way, but you’re right.

I believe that, as a citizen, that if I can provide solutions, if I can develop new ideas — and we’re going to share these with all the candidates in both parties. If we can, as we have with the Center for Health Transformation, develop an entire generation of new ideas on health care, if we can do that on energy, on education, on national security, on immigration, that I’ve served as a citizen in a very effective way.

If, in that process, it becomes necessary to run, then I’ll run. But I — and I know this sounds naive, but the Contract with America preceded winning; it didn’t follow it.

WALLACE: Last resort, not first resort.

GINGRICH: Last resort.

WALLACE: Mr. Speaker, thank you so much. Always interesting. Please come back, sir.

GINGRICH: Thank you.

For a closer look at his interview with Chris Wallace check here, Newt Interview with Chris Wallace

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