Barack Obama Discloses His Earmarks and Buys Dinner

Barack Obama released a complete list of all the pork he has asked the Senate to vote on. He had 113 different items, or pet projects totaling about 300 million dollars. According to Obama he is disclosing “earmarks to improve government transparency.” Here is a complete list of Obama’s federal funding request. It ranges from 53 million that he, and other Senators, asked for to promote “civic competence and responsibility among American students and provides support for education exchange activities in civics and economics between the United States and other nations,” to $125,000 to add turn lanes and traffic lights at an intersection in rural Oregon, Ill. Obama is the first presidential candidate to disclose this list, and he is encouraging the others to do the same. You would think lawmakers would be proud of what they are tying to do for their home district, but for some reason they all want to hide this information.
Also Obama’s campaign has picked the four donors that will get to sit down to have dinner with Obama next month at a Washington, D.C., restaurant. The campaign went through thousands of entries and picked two woman, and two men. The campaign will pay for all the cost for travel and the dinner. Click here if you want to meet the four dinner guests. You can also send them a note, or give them a question to ask Obama.
Alan Cosgrove

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