Chris Dodd Is Slip Sliding Away

Paul Simon will join up with Chris Dodd on tour in Iowa July 3 – 7. A spokesman from the campaign says, “Simon and Dodd have been close friends for many years and Simon has been a longtime Dodd supporter.” There will be several stops in both northern Iowa and western Iowa. Dodd is calling it the “river to river” tour. According to Dodd, “Paul is a long time friend, and one of the most important voices in American music, and he has been tireless in his service to the greater good of people throughout our country and the world.” Dodd said that Paul Simon’s, “music and his commitment to bettering our world reflect the leadership that my campaign is all about.” He is right. His campaign may as well be called the “Sounds of Silence,” because very few are listening to him. His campaign slogan could be “I Am a Rock.”
Alan Cosgrove

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