Barack Obama Promises To Fix New Orleans

It has been almost two years since Hurricane Katrina, and all the politicians are planning trips to New Orleans to celebrate the progress or lack of it. Even President Bush is planing a trip down to the Big Easy. After ignoring the area for the last two years and only offering promises, I would have thought Vermont would have looked more attractive to President Bush. Barack Obama made his visit to New Orleans today. “The words never again cannot be another empty phrase,” Obama said on a tour of the city’s Gentilly Woods section. “It cannot become another broken promise.” Obama said the nation failed New Orleans long before Hurricane Katrina. “Racial discord, poverty, the old divisions of black and white, rich and poor, it’s time to leave that to yesterday,” he said. “In rebuilding, we’ve got an opportunity to do more than put up a foundation that for too long failed the people of New Orleans,” Obama told a group at a church. “In rebuilding, we’ve got an opportunity to build something better, a foundation that can put up with a lot, upon which the children of New Orleans can build their dreams.” Progress in New Orleans has been slow at best, and mired in a bureaucratic mess, and Obama heard plenty of horror stories from residents during his brief visit. Obama was critical of Bush’s lack of urgency in rebuilding New Orleans. Obama tried to reassure the crowd saying, “I can promise you this; I will be a president who wakes up every morning and goes to bed every night with the future of this city on my mind.” I would hope he would think about the whole country, because New Orleans is just a drop in the bucket when it comes to what George W. Bush has screwed up. Obama has offered a plan to help rebuild New Orleans that is similar to the ones offered by other Democratic candidates like Hillary Clinton and John Edwards, who announced his intentions to run from New Orleans.
Alan Cosgrove

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