Mike Huckabee Says That Fred Thompson Is No Ronald Reagan

Mike Huckabee says that Fred Thompson, who is expected to finally jump into the race later next month, will have a hard time meeting his high expectations. “Let’s just hope Fred decides it’s just too hot this summer to even do this. Maybe he won’t get in,” Huckabee said on Fox News Sunday this morning. “But if he does, I think he’s going to suck a lot of the oxygen out of the room when he first comes in. But I’m not sure I’d want to be in his position where the expectations are simply just sky-high for him to be able to perform,” Huckabee added. Huckabee said it is better to, “be in a position to over perform than to get in and then under perform the expectations. And so far, that’s what we’ve done.” He used his second place finish at the Iowa Straw Poll as an example of this. Referring to Thompson, Huckabee said, “People are expecting him to basically come in and be the fifth head on Mount Rushmore. Whether he can live up to that — I think there’s a real challenge for anybody to live up to that, including if Ronald Reagan were to come back. I’m not sure he could live up to Ronald Reagan’s persona and image at this stage.”
Thompson is really not to worried about his late entrance into the race. Thompson told reporters on Saturday, “We have done within a few months what other people have spent much longer periods of time doing.” He is polling second or third in most polls without even announcing. But when he really has to answer to his policy initiatives, instead of just making glaring generalities, then things might change. Thompson seems to think he is heading in the right direction saying, “We’ve made some changes along the way and are better for it, and I think we are where we need to be right now.” Fred Thompson 08, the lazy man’s campaign. Is he going to make Newt Gingrich do all the work for him, and when does Karl Rove sign on?
Alan Cosgrove

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  2. Dawn Lowen says:

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