Barack Obama Says Hillary Is Campaigning In Florida

The Democrats have all agreed to not campaign in Florida since they broke Democratic National Committee rules, but now Barack Obama claims in a memo sent to reporters that Hillary Clinton is campaigning there. He bases this accusation on a fund raiser Clinton is having on the 27th in south Florida which is allowed under the rules. According to the memo, “Sen. Obama is firm in his commitment to neither participate nor campaign in the Florida primary, and its outcome has no bearing on the nomination contest.” The memo goes on saying, “We raise Florida today because Sen. Clinton has scheduled a fundraiser in Florida on January 27, and there are signs — despite Sen. Clinton’s public pledge to the contrary — that she may be planning to campaign in the state — inquiring about large venues and increased organizing activity — ahead of the Florida primary.” Hillary is far ahead of Obama according to polls of Florida voters, and this might be his way of explaining his big loss ahead of time. The Clinton camp has responded with a memo of their own. According to the Clinton camp, “Let us be very clear. Senator Clinton signed a pledge that she would not campaign in any state that violates the DNC approved calendar. Therefore, we did not campaign in Michigan, nor will we campaign in Florida in violation of the pledge. We have two small scheduled fundraisers in South Florida on January 27, as explicitly permitted by the pledge, but we will not hold any open public campaign events. The Obama campaign has also held numerous fundraisers in Florida since signing the pledge. Contrary to the Obama campaign’s memo, there are no events at large venues, nor have we organized in the state. We intend to do so as our party’s nominee in the general election, but will honor our pledge not to campaign there in violation of the pledge.” Clinton goes on to say she wants “to hear the voices of all Americans.” And then she points out that the Obama team has been campaigning in Michigan against the wishes of the DNC. According to the Clinton camp, urging voters to vote “uncommitted” in Michigan is the equivalent of campaigning. So these two decide not to fight, only to start another fight. Listen to Jessie and stick to the issues, or it is a slippery slope to defeat in November.
Alan Cosgrove

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