50 State Petition Drive To Nominate Mike Bloomberg As President

There is a major push to draft Michael Bloomberg to run for President which includes a 50 state petition drive. Gerald Rafshoon and Doug Bailey, both veteran political consultants, are behind this drive. According to a letter to supporters they say, “America needs and deserves a president with vision and a proven track record of solving tough problems and delivering real results, a president who can bring America together through true leadership and fine character.” Bailey announced the petition drive by saying, “At a time when the economy is in great peril and facing a recession, Mike Bloomberg represents an unique answer to his experience and his understanding and his success in the financial markets. At a time when the Washington political system is broken, wouldn’t it be refreshing to have a president elected who owes nothing to the lobbyist, nothing to the special interest, and nothing to the extreme elements of either the political parties.” Bloomberg is a Democrat turned Republican turned Independent who has billions, and will be able to finance his own campaign. “This is not somebody who has a crazy vision of the country and how he would like to spend his money,” Rafshoon said. “But he will not be taking money from lobbyists. He will not be taking money from New York bankers or any of the people you said that have met to discuss a Bloomberg candidacy.” Bloomberg continues to deny he has any interest in the job, but he just met in Oklahoma with potential vice presidential candidates Sam Nunn and Chuck Hagel. Bloomberg who currently serves as mayor of New York City says, “I am not candidate for president of the United States. I’ve got a job which I think is a phenomenal job.”
Alan Cosgrove
If you are interested in signing the petition click here.

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3 Responses to 50 State Petition Drive To Nominate Mike Bloomberg As President

  1. agee kavner says:

    How canI help? Where can I contribute?

  2. agee kavner says:

    The timing is not only perfect but in view of the serious economic problems and out standing in the world, someone of Mr Bloomberg’s integrity and capability is essential.

  3. You are getting the draft movement confused. DraftBloomberg.com is only collecting signatures. DraftMichael.org is trying to get Mike Bloomberg on the ballot as a member of the independent-green party. The blog at UniteForMike.com is building a nation wide volunteer base utilizing Meetups and unafilliated volunteers.

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