Barack Obama Says His 6 Year Old Daughter Would Call Florida Primaries Unfair

Florida’s state Democratic congressional delegation rejected a proposal for a do over in the states primary on Thursday. The proposal had called for a combination of mail in vote and in person vote scheduled for early June. The delegation released a statement saying, “After reviewing the party’s proposal and individually discussing this idea with state and local leaders and elections experts, we do not believe that this is a realistic option at this time and remain opposed to a mail-in ballot election or any new primary election in Florida of any kind.” State party chairperson Karen Thurman said, “we really believe that all Floridians deserve to be heard, but if this is not what the people of Florida and our presidential candidates want, then we’re not going to do it.” A mail in vote is illegal since Florida law prohibits elections via the mail. The cost of the proposed re-do elections would be about 12 million dollars or more, and so far no one wants to pay for it. Florida also doesn’t even have voting machines at this time since they are doing away with the touch screen voting machines. They decided to do this with the same bill that proposed they vote ahead of schedule. The early primary was the last time Florida will use the touch screen voting machines, and hopefully they will have the new system up and running by November. The two candidates differ on solutions for this mess. Hillary Clinton has said she believes the primaries already held in Michigan and Florida should be counted, but would also be open to a do-over primary. “There are two options: Honor the results or hold new primary elections,” she said. “If you’re a voter from Florida or Michigan, you know that we should count your votes.” Clinton told voters today, “the results of those primaries were fair and should be honored.” Barack Obama has a different opinion about the voters in those two states. Obama believes the primaries already held were unfair and should not be counted. “We were told that Michigan and Florida wouldn’t count, and so we said we wouldn’t campaign there,” Obama said. “Senator Clinton said the same thing, that they wouldn’t count. Now her campaign is suggesting that they should.” Obama said he wouldn’t campaign there, but he was the only Democratic candidate that had T.V. commercials playing for a few weeks in Florida ahead of the primaries. At the time they claimed it was part of a national ad playing on cable channels, but it somehow never appeared after the primaries ended in Florida. Obama says the January results “just defy logic.” “I think you could ask my 6-year-old whether that was fair, and she would probably be able to say, ‘No, that isn’t,'” Obama said. Obama has not laid out a plan B on this, only to say the delegates should be seated in an “equitable” way. The Obama campaign would like to split the Florida and Michigan 50-50, which would be the same as ignoring the voters in those states completely. They also have said they would be open to caucuses in both of the states since he seems to do so well with that format. The Florida primary was as fair as it could be under such circumstances, and the results should be honored. The only candidate to campaign in Florida was Obama and he lost big, now he wants to ignore the results and call it unfair. Over twice as many voters cast votes in the Florida primary in 2008 than did in the 2004, and two major candidates in both parties dropped out after the results. To ignore these voters defies logic. In Michigan Obama pulled his name off the ballots to show a gesture of good faith to the DNC. When he did that he turned his back on the voters in Michigan to appease fat cat Democratic leaders. Is this a sign of making good sound decisions? Over 2 million voters in those two states are being ignored, and it is all the fault of party leaders and state legislatures that pushed for this early voting. In Florida it was a Republican governor with a Republican state legislature that are still laughing at the Democrats folly. It is interesting to note that the Democratic leader in the Florida legislature recommended a bill that would have had Florida voting on February 5th with the rest of super Tuesday, but it was rejected by the Republican controlled legislature.
Alan Cosgrove

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  1. katie says:

    I saw him comment on this, this was made about MI where his name was not on the ballot not FLA

  2. JP says:

    How is spitting the delegates 50/50 the same as ignoring them? The rules clearly stated that if Florida held the primary early then their delegates would not count! Period/end of story.

  3. JP says:

    I found a great website:

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