Al Sharpton Wants To Sue For The Few Disenfranchised Florida Voters

While the Democratic National Committee, Michigan, and Florida try to figure out the delegate mess Al Sharpton has volunteered to screw things up even more. Sharpton has decided that the people that did not vote in Florida’s January primary are disenfranchised since many thought their vote would not count. Apparently he has not looked at all the numbers, since over twice as many people voted this past primary than did in the 2004 primary. Sharpton is traveling into Florida to collect signatures of these people for a lawsuit he wants to file against the DNC. Sharpton has not officially endorsed a candidate but it is clear he is doing this on Barack Obama’s behalf. It is in Obama’s best interest if the delegates in Florida and Michigan are not counted, which gives him a lead in the delegate count. Sharpton was on Bill O’Reilly’s show on Friday and said he believes in rules, and rules are not made to be broken. He does not believe the delegates in Florida or Michigan should be counted, which would disenfranchise all those that already voted, yet he spends a couple of days in Florida looking for a few hundred simple minds. “We cannot have the perception that the rules changed because of some favoritism, or because some people didn’t want to see Senator Obama as the nominee, when he legitimately pulled ahead,” Sharpton said on O’Reilly’s show. He went on to say that if Obama is denied the nomination because of some “back room deals” by the superdelegates, “you not only would see people like me demonstrating, you may see us talking about whether or not we can support that ticket.” If Hillary Clinton does win by some “back room deals” then Obama will almost assuredly be on the ticket with her. It seems unlikely that Sharpton could get that much support to not support the ticket. What are their options? Voting Republican or staying home. Other civil rights leaders don’t seem to agree with Sharpton. Julian bond, chairman of the NAACP, wrote a letter to Howard Dean, the chairman of the DNC, expressing his concerns for the delegates in Florida and Michigan. Bond wrote that he had “great concern at the prospect that millions of voters in Michigan and Florida could ultimately have their votes completely discounted if they are not assigned delegate representation for the Democratic National Convention.” It looks like Sharpton wants to do anything he can to help Obama, even at the expense of millions of voters that have already voted, and seem almost ready to do it again. Two words, Tawana Brawley. Go home Al Shaprton. We don’t need your type of lawsuits. Let the DNC and the people of Florida and Michigan decide this. You are not from either one of those states, and you do not represent the DNC.
Alan Cosgrove

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