Jack Nicholson Releases Video Endorsing Hillary Clinton

Jack Nicholson has released a new video that stars many of the characters that Nicholson has portrayed in films with all of them giving reasons to support Hillary Clinton.

Here is the video from Jack Nicholson called Jack and Hill;

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3 Responses to Jack Nicholson Releases Video Endorsing Hillary Clinton

  1. JP says:

    This may be a good ad but Barack Obama is the reason that I am coming back to the Democratic Party and I am leaving this prom with the one I came with. Barack Obama will win the votes of multitudes of independents,some Republicans and a vast majority of Democrats in November if he is nominated. Barack Obama will be the greatest President in American History IF he is nominated.
    I find it so ironic that the only people who can stop him are those of his own party!

  2. JP says:

    As of about 12:05PM eastern standard time on 3/4/08 Barack Obame is tied with Ron Paul for the lead!!!!! I’m talking about here in the fantasy politics USA game. Is that cool or what?
    Democrats if you want to WIN in November then PLEASE nominate Obama! ****smiles****

  3. JP says:

    I’m looking forward to voting Obama on May 6th here in Indiana. So many people here are excited about that.

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