Ron Paul Wins Presidential Idol With Clinton And Obama Gaining

February is over, and another candidate has been voted off of Presidential Idol. Ron Paul received the most votes for the month of February and came in first with 42.56%. Paul’s dominance on Presidential Idol still can’t be stopped, but the others are creeping up on him. Coming in second with 19.72% of the vote was Hillary Clinton. The third place winner, who seems to be picking up momentum, is Barack Oboma with 16.96%. Right behind them with 7.96% was Chuck Hagel and Mike Huckabee with 6.57%. Republican front runner John McCain was near the bottom with only 3.81% Ex-candidate Joe Biden received less than 1% of the vote, and was booted off of Presidential Idol. Biden has lingered in the bottom three for the last 6 months but gets lucky last minute votes all the time. Biden dropped out of the real presidential race long ago, and now works at his regular job as a U.S. Senator for Delaware. All the candidates on Presidential Idol are starting from zero again, so we can vote another candidate off at the end of March. We are down to 9 candidates, and November 2008 we will pick from that group the first Presidential Idol. You can vote once a day for any candidate on the list. The one with the least votes on March 31 is voted off, and we start again with 8 in April. So come by and vote for your favorite candidate at Presidential Idol. We are also home to Fantasy Politics 2008 the game. The only place on the internet that combines the fun of Fantasy Sports with all these politicians wanting to be President. We currently have over 50 politicians to choose from, and 1000’s of points have already been awarded. It’s all free and it’s fun. Thanks.
Alan Cosgrove

Here is a video of this months winner Ron Paul schooling Ben Bernanke on economics 2/27/08;

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