Barack Obama Takes Over MySpace Account From Voluteer

The MySpace account was not the official MySpace for Obama. He didn’t even have one, and this account was run by a volunteer, Los Angeles paralegal Joe Anthony. Anthony started the MySpace account as a supporter of Obama 2 1/2 years ago, and has amassed over 160,000 friends so far. The Obama campaign has worked with Anthony on the sight from time to time, and even had the password so they could submit stuff. But with the popularity of the sight the Obama campaign got a bit worried and wanted control of the sight. Anthony wanted $49,000 for the sight with the 160,000 friends and his 2 1/2 years of work. It is hard to tell what 160,000 friends would be worth, it is four times what any other candidate has. The Obama campaign said they wouldn’t pay the $49,000 and MySpace had to step in. MySpace decided that Obama should have control and so, Anthony got nothing. Obama tried to iron things out with Anthony and called him thanking him for his support and such. Anthony was thrilled with the call, but is still not sure he wants to continue supporting Obama after being bullied out of the page he built. Anthony said in a blog post. “It’ll take time for me to work this out and decide if I will personally continue to support Obama, regardless of how I feel about his campaign’s handling of this situation.”
Alan Cosgrove

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  2. mistycpa says:

    This is so true I actually had Anthony on my myspace friends list.

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