John Edwards Airs Anti War Ad Aimed At Congress

John Edwards is airing an ad called “We The People” in response to President Bush’s veto of the troop’s coming home from Iraq. It is aimed at members of Congress to encourage them to stand up against Bush and send another binding bill back to the President to end this war. This ad is designed so that you can even ad yourself to the ad online. To do so go to In a letter sent to supporters John Edwards asks, “Is it normal for a presidential campaign to drop everything and focus on pushing Congress to end a war? Maybe not.”…. “But we don’t have time for normal. We’ve got a few days—maybe less—to do absolutely everything we can to ensure this Congress responds to Bush’s veto by sending another binding plan to end the war.” Edwards also wants money to help air this ad. He says they need to raise $100,000 in 24 hours so that everyone will get to see the ad in time to act. Here is the ad We The People
Alan Cosgrove

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