Barack Obama Wants You To Try This

Barack Obama has a new ad that allows you to compare tax cuts between the two candidates using your own personal income. He use a web site sponsored by Obama,, and a tax calculator. “Not sure who to believe on taxes?” a narrator asks over images of Obama’s campaign online tax cut calculator. “Try this. Enter your income, marital status, number of kids. Then click. A nurse earning sixty grand? You get a thousand bucks under Obama. Under McCain…just one-fifty.” The narrator concludes “The independent Tax Policy Center says Obama offers middle class tax cuts three times as big as McCain’s. Even leading conservatives say Obama’s plan is better for the middle class. One point five million have tried it. You should too.”
Alan Cosgrove

Here is “Try This” brought to us by the Obama campaign;

Try it yourself here. Over 1.5 million have so far;

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