Bill Clinton Tries To Mend Democratic Fences

The Democratic elder statesman Bill Clinton offered his opinion on the week long battle between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on whether we should talk with tyrants yesterday. ”I don’t want to get in the middle of that whole spat Hillary and Senator Obama had, but there’s more than one way to practice diplomacy,” Bill Clinton told a gathering of the Democratic Leadership Council. Bill Clinton felt the candidates really agreed on the subject, and said that all the Democratic candidates had, ”a vigorous agreement on the big question, which is ‘Should we have more diplomacy?’ The answer is yes. Then you can parse their answers to the specific questions and decide who you think is right.” Bill Clinton added, ”I’ve heard no fewer than four candidates in the last month remind us that in the middle of the Cold War, in the darkest hours, we never stopped talking to the Soviets at some level. So nobody disputes that. And we’re going to have to do that.” Any diplomacy is more diplomacy at this point. The only thing we have going now is Condoleezza Rice jet setting around the world, with no agreements under her belt. George W. Bush has the diplomacy skills of a spoiled rich brat.
Alan Cosgrove

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