Rudy Giuliani And His Princess Bride Judith

Vanity Fair has written an unflattering article about Rudy Giuliani’s wife, Judith Giuliani called ‘Giuliani’s Princess Bride’. It describes Mrs. Giuliani as an opportunistic, mean, homewrecker, who went after a rich married man. The profile is by Judy Bachrach, and she maintains that Mrs. Giuliani feels like she is royalty. According to the article, “There is a reason why she wore that tiara at her wedding: she really does see herself as a princess,” says another former Giuliani aide. “Not as a queen. Queen is her goal. Queen is who she wants to be.” And Bachrach says that, “Queenly is certainly what Judith became, her demands and expectations heightened in large part by her husband’s new affluence.” Bachrah writes that one Giuliani aide, “spoke of the need for providing an entire plane seat for Judith’s “Baby Louis”—a reference to her Louis Vuitton handbag, which sits in solitary splendor on her travels.” The article paints Mrs. Giuliani as being very jealous of anyone close to Rudy. “Anyone supportive of him, close to him—Judith wants them fired. A lot of the senior staff … She just gets furiously jealous and treats them like shit!” Even Rudy has his moments when Judith gets on his nerves according to Bachrach. On the positive side the article said that Mrs. Giuliani was supportive of Rudy during his bout with cancer, and has tried to be nice to the kids. Rudy Giuliani has said he has looked over the piece “quickly,” and called it “very incorrect.” Then Giuliani concluded to the reporters that asked about the article, “One of the terrible prices that unfortunately families pay in a situation like this is that they get castigated and attacked. And, usually, most reporters don’t even ask about it. They actually have more dignity than to ask about it.”
Alan Cosgrove

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