Ron Paul Wins Fourth Straight Presidential Idol While Newt Gingrich Gets Kicked To The Curb

Another month is over, and Ron Paul has won Presidential Idol for the fourth straight month. Uncommitted candidate Newt Gingrich gets kicked off of Presidential Idol for having the least amount of votes for June 07. Ron Paul, the darling of the internet led all candidates with about 50% of the vote. Coming in second with almost 11% was Chuck Hagel and just behind him in third was Mike Huckabee with about 9%. Newt Gingrich only managed a little less than 1% and got kicked off. Gingrich has been in the news lately from an appearance he made on Fox News Sunday. There he predicted that the Democrats would end up with a Clinton – Obama team. He also mentioned support for a few of the Republican candidates, and has even been seen eating out with Fred Thompson. Maybe he is looking for a V.P. job instead. Gingrich also managed to irritate the city of Detroit and unions during his Fox News Sunday interview. Gingrich will continue to make noise this campaign season, but you can no longer vote for him on Presidential Idol. Voting begins from scratch again with all 16 candidates starting at zero. Support your favorite candidate by voting at Presidential Idol once a day. On November 2008 we will pick the first Presidential Idol from these 16 candidates.
Alan Cosgrove

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