Bill Richardson New Ad Is Focused

Bill Richardson has released a new ad called Focused. The ad details Richardson’s economic successes in New Mexico as a governor. Richardson also just had to accept the resignation of a top aide from Nevada. Kristian Forland, the campaign’s eastern Nevada field director, is being sought by Los Angeles County authorities for failure to appear on four counts of writing bad checks, which is a felony charge. Forland has also worked at a brothel in the past. There he is being investigated because some of the girls at Mona’s Ranch, a legal brothel, have complained that Forland has shorted them on pay. In the police report an investigator describes Forland as, “at best a manager of the property.” These facts were all given to the campaign by the Associated Press, and they accepted Forland’s resignation shortly thereafter.
Alan Cosgrove

Here is Bill Richardson’s new ad Focused;

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