Rudy Giuliani Says Leave My Family Alone

Rudy Giuliani was answering questions, and was asked how does expect loyalty from Republican voters when his own family doesn’t support him. The lady asking the question was referring to a recent report that said Giuliani’s daughter supported Democrat Barack Obama, and his son doesn’t talk with him. Giuliani in a slow calm voice told the lady, “I love my family very, very much and will do anything for them. There are complexities in every family in America. The best thing I can say is kind of, leave my family alone, just like I’ll leave your family alone.” Giuliani said that he should be judged by the job he has done as a mayor and prosecutor, and not by his family. He spent the rest of the time talking about health care. He thinks that buying health insurance should be like buying insurance for you car or house, where everyone can pick out their deductibles and different types of coverage. He seems to have forgotten what it is like not being rich. Most people are struggling to pay their car and house insurance, which are both required. If you have money, then buying health insurance already is like buying car and home insurance. He really doesn’t understand.
Alan Cosgrove

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