Brownback And Huckabee Get Cheers For Being Anti-Gay

Sam Brownback and Mike Huckabee joined forces to talk at the Florida Family Policy Council dinner in Orlando. Both candidates stuck to topics important to the group. They didn’t talk about the Iraq war, health care, taxes, or even education. Instead they stuck to a pro-faith, anti-abortion, and anti-gay message. The crowd, looking for alternatives to the top three Republican candidates, cheered their message. Sen. Mel Martinez of Florida, who also serves as the Republican National Committee general chairman, was there and had this to say, “I am completely blown away by the two men we heard tonight.” Both of the candidates urged the crowd to get behind efforts to put in the state constitution an amendment to make gay marriage illegal in Florida. The Florida Family Policy Council is already leading a petition drive to place a proposed amendment on the 2008 ballot. So Brownback and Huckabee were just preaching to the choir. Or maybe they just want to ride on the coat tails of this amendment. Brownback told the crowd, “You need to redefine the definition of marriage as a union of a man and a woman. It’s critical.”….. “I’m going to be the president that’s the family president that helps rebuild this fundamental institution.” Huckabee told the crowd about how he made it harder to get a divorce in his state. “I realized that the laws in my state were such that it would be easier to get out of a marriage than it was to get out of a contract for having purchased a used car,” Huckabee said. “We realized we need to make some changes.” If these two candidates want to have a chance in the race for 08 they need to convince groups like these that they are the true conservative of the group of ten.
Alan Cosgrove

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