McCain Wants To Hold Cabinet Chiefs Accountable

With George Bush’s administration being chocked by scandals John McCain said he would Cabinet chiefs accountable. In a speech at the Oklahoma statehouse in Oklahoma City McCain said, “We were elected the majority in Congress thirteen years ago for that reason more than any other; to reform the way government is funded and structured, and to hold it accountable for its ability or inability to address the serious challenges of our time.” McCain said his administration would review ethical standards frequently. He would even withhold money from government programs that don’t meet standards. “If they’re not giving Americans good value for their tax dollars, they’re going to have to change or they’re going out of business,” McCain says. Every agency’s inspector general will get direct access to department heads and Cabinet secretaries. “I’ll hold those senior officeholders directly responsible for taking the necessary corrective measures to ensure the integrity of the departments they lead,” McCain says. With all the news about Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz this kind of tough talk will be well received. Someone needs to watch all these crooks and liars working in our government.
Alan Cosgrove

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