Buddy Roemer Says Washington Isn’t Broken, It Has Been Bought

Buddy Roemer wants to know if you are tired of the “Washington is broken” routine and has an ad out that says Washington isn’t broken. It is just bought by special interests.

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12 Responses to Buddy Roemer Says Washington Isn’t Broken, It Has Been Bought

  1. Say Amen says:

    Buddy Roemer is the best talker in the presidential election campaign. He specializes in pithy one-line zingers like “Washington is not broken. It is bought.” He relies on the dissatisfaction of the American public toward politicians. In essence, his strategy is to attack everyone in politics and the whole system and then have the public presume that he will be able to fix it. He condemns politics in order to present himself as someone different — an honest politician.

    The trick Mr. Roemer uses is to attack the system for its obvious and undoubted deficits. That is like betting the sun will rise tomorrow. He can’t lose. (See the 1987 NY Times article about Buddy, cited below, where he says he uses his poker technique in politics). The real question is not whether there should be campaign finance reform. The question is whether Buddy is the man who can and will fix it. To answer that question, we need to look at his history to learn if he really was as good a congressman and governor as he claims.

    Buddy’s admirers accept everything Buddy says as true. That is a dangerous assumption when dealing with a politician. Let’s look at the record.

    Roemer just says he is an honest politician who cannot be bought. His actions speak with greater honesty than his words. He is seeking the nomination of Americans Elect because he wants to be bought. AE is a secret organization controlled by unknown big money donors who have an agenda. We do not know who they are or what agenda they intend. They have the control of the Americans Elect from behind the curtain. They can override the public internet “supporters.” They may also control the counting and the reporting of the AE vote. This appears to be a set-up job with Roemer’s mentor Lessig on the Board.

    Go to irregulartimes.com and look at their articles on Americans Elect.

    Roemer talks against corruption and argues for transparency, then seeks the AE nomination, effectively using AE’s $20 – $30 million financed by unknown donors to launch his campaign. He limits contributions to $100 because he does not need it. AE will provide the funds.

    Roemer did the same thing in the past. In 1991 he was such a bad governor that he could not hope to be re-elected as a Democrat, so he cut a deal with the Republican party to switch to Republican if they would finance his campaign. See this history:

    In 1987 he won election because he could mesmerize the crowd with his preacher-like talk condemning corrupt politics. But once elected, he did not have a clue how to govern. His personality is that of a loner, a curmudgeon, damning the world with such passion and skill using his “Buddy Talk.” See this fascinating history as to how he struggled to try to figure out what to do as governor.

    He turned out to be one of the worst governors in Louisiana history. He could not get along with people. He could not put together a competent staff. He lacked the political common sense and ability to pass legislation. He did not work hard and seemed to love the adoration of his campaign followers but had no ability to govern. To see Buddy’s ineffective record as governor and congressman look at this excellent history of Louisiana’s governors, pages 259-268:

    As a congressman he was inept. He chaired no committees and did not author any significant legislation. His only accomplishment in Congress was that he won money at poker. Yes, he was a convincing bluffer.
    A NY Times article from 1987 describes Mr. Roemer’s record in his eight years in Congress.

    Mr. Roemer plans to use his same technique again if he returns to Washington as President. Note his statement in this article, the fourth paragraph from the end, beginning with “If elected,”:
    He says he “would emphasize listening and working in a bipartisan way, through poker games.” Incredible!!

    Most of the things Buddy says about his past are false. See this web page where he obtained a reputation in Louisiana for mendacity (that continues to today).

    A PPP poll of Louisiana voters, just released, shows that here in his own home state he has the worst rating of any candidate for president. Two out of three of the people who know him best have an unfavorable opinion of him. (28% favorable, 56% unfavorable). He is Louisiana’s UNfavorite son. See http://race42012.com/2012/03/23/poll-watch-ppp-d-louisiana-2012-republican-primary-survey/

    Americans have been deceived by slick politicians in the past. Let’s try to investigate what candidates have done rather than gullibly accept what they say. Buddy Roemer will not withstand that scrutiny.

  2. I used to think a lot like some of these people who oppose Roemer all over the Internet, because I used to be one of them.
    Just like them, really.
    But now that I’ve checked into Buddy Roemer’s background further, not just reading what political opponents say, but really reading about the problems he discusses and what he plans to do about them, I regret saying most of the things I said.
    Roemer’s slogan is true: American Needs A Buddy.
    Sorry if my confusion caused confusion to others. I can’t take it all back. It’s the Internet and it’s out there forever now. I’m just trying to tell people the truth now and show how most of these people people who write long-winded and biased posts reveal their own focused political agenda.

    Buddy Roemer on Americans Elect is the right way out of the woods we’re lost in as a nation. Bought. That’s just right.

    I’m sorry I ever tried to prove how smart I thought I was. I guess I’m sadder but wiser now.

    Just check out Buddy for yourself:

  3. NobodyAskedMe...But, says:

    I had no idea that Buddy Roemer would stoop so low.

    I have been posting comments on the internet that exposed Buddy Roemer’s history and reputation as a liar and failure. In each posting I cited independent commentary by historians, journalists, and his personal acquaintances.
    The statements that I made were not simply my opinions. They were the facts and opinions and the statements made by Buddy himself and people who know him best, as far back as the 1980’s, which were coming back to haunt him.

    By the way, this is another recent citation that I have not used but which also confirms Buddy’s mendacity and unreasonable exaggeration, written by a leading journalist on the New Orleans newspaper.

    Above this comment you will see another comment by Nobody Asked Me…But. Notice that there are spaces between the words. It is not I who wrote that. My screen name has no spaces. Clicking on the name shows that it is written by Buddy himself, at his campaign website.

    So Buddy is now trying to pretend that I have changed my mind and now “regret saying most of the things I said.”

    This is nothing less than forgery and fraud.

    Mr. Roemer, I did not even imagine that you would sink that childish level of dishonesty.

  4. NobodyAskedMe...But, says:

    [I am writing this to the Moderator, not for publication.]

    I am the true “NobodyAskedMe…But.

    When I saw the fake comment written by an imposter, it was upsetting and I made the response that is awaiting moderation. Then I searched the internet to find if there were any other false comments using my screen name. I found only one. It was written awhile ago and appears to be written by some other person in a style that is different from the writing style of the person who wrote the fake one here. Also, I see that many of my comments were posted with spaces between the words “Nobody Asked Me…But.” I do not know whether the websites put those spaces in or I did, inadvertently. I only remember writing my screen name without apaces.

    Also, I am not certain that Mr. Roemer did the false posting here. It could be one of his followers or campaign staff. I am assuming that he is responsible for it, and if not, he should take responsibility and ask to have it removed.

    I would prefer, however, not to make a big issue about this.

    I am therefore requesting that you both remove the published false comment using my screen name and then not publish my responding comment awaiting moderation.

    If you do not want to remove the false one, then I trust you will also publish my response.

    Thank you for your attention to this unpleasant situation.

    If you want to compare the false one with my true comments on other sites, you can search for “Buddy Roemer” “NobodyAskedMe” and you will see my other posts and can compare the style of language there with the fake post here.

  5. Dave McMahan says:

    Buddy Roemer is the leading declared candidate at Americans Elect, right now. I recommend you check him out. He grew up on a cotton farm, then went to Harvard at the age of 16 (!). He was a conservative, “bolweevil” Democrat who voted on Reagan’s side alot, so he was a natural to switch over to the Republican party (though, he came from what- at the time- was a HEAVILY Democratic state). He served as Louisiana’s Governor, then, but has been in the PRIVATE SECTOR the last 20 years, starting and running three successful businesses (including a $750 million bank which took NO bailout money and foreclosed on NO ONE ). He’s a 68-year old grandfather who had NO desire to get into politics, again- but he says the country is on the WRONG TRACK.

    Our President and Congressional leaders are funded and steered by wealthy campaign donors who are profiting off our “Ponzi-scheme-like”, “financialized” / “Wall St. Investment Banker-led”, “Fed-Treasury-abetted” system and off of the “Global Economy” (short-term profits feeding off the American people as consumers, rather than producers). These elites (such as the big shots and owners of Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, GE, etc..) have made (and are continuing to make- “thanks to the FED giving them $16.1 TRILLION, 2008-2010 -AND COUNTING- of zero-interest loans and the SEC-regulated FASB in April of ’09 allowing them to MASSIVELY over-value their ‘underwater’ assets”) HUGE profits off this “race to the bottom” which is making the “richest” (elites) richer while the middle class gets “poorer” (“we’ll end up like a banana republic”, if they continue to have their way).

    Now, the “bought and paid for” Demican and Republocrat parties are SCARED TO DEATH of the American people recognizing them for what they are and LEAVING THEM. Buddy Roemer is a former politician AND a successful banker, so he KNOWS the “games” these people use and HOW TO FIX AMERICA (“stop the corruption”, “stop the financial greed”, “put the banking and finance communities back on a ‘short leash’ and ‘solid ground’ ” and “put America back to work- getting the capital back behind production”). Of course, we’ll have to elect a Congress “worth a damn” and “STAY VIGILANT AND INVOLVED” !!!

    I advise people that one, street-wise definition of “insanity” is to “keep doing the same thing and expect different results”. We have been “bouncing back and forth” between these modern, “Wall Street Investment banker-financed”, “free trade” globalist Republocrats and Demicans, now for twenty years (of course, the “mainstream”, dinosaur media always tells us, “they’re the only realistic ones to choose from”).

    It’s time to go “unconventional” and let “We The People” take over this country, again with a candidate like Andrew Jackson or Teddy Roosevelt. GO BUDDY !!!!
    http://www.buddyroemer.com http://www.americanselect.com

  6. SayAmen says:

    It’s really strange how this “Nobody Asked Me…But” person complains about aliases when he’s been using mine all over the Internet in the first place. Talk about a liar! LOL

  7. Vince Lisanti says:

    I find it extremely interesting and amusing that the so called “Real” NobodyAskedMe…But (can you have a real alias?)would find the need to try to coerce people into falling for his aliased trolling deception by telling people to (his words here) “Read my post to help steer you in the right direction” and attaching obviously biased links.

    As a longtime Buddy Roemer supporter, I can say that I am extremely confident that anyone who does their own research on the man will be “steered” in an honest direction of what Buddy Roemer the man and candidate for president is all about.
    Roemer is the true representation of “We The People”

  8. JustmeinNe says:

    Say Amen, you are the same person as, Nobody Asked Me. You have been posting the lame BS all over the internet. You Troll around, looking for Buddy articles, to cut and paste, the same crap. Finally someone got tired of you and your crap, and made you look like the fool you are, by impersonating you, and like the immature person you are, you started blaming Buddy for doing this. Get over yourself, he could care less, about you or your continual lame post Trolling around the net. Just cause your sweater vest wearing candidate has dropped out, why don’t you just do the same. I’m done with your stupidity. Say Amen/Nobody Asked Me, your right was never did, and we are saying amen that your guy dropped out.

  9. Say Amen says:

    These people who are trying to discredit any critic of Buddy Roemer by forging the critic’s name have nothing to say except to repeat what Buddy Roemer says about himself. They will not research the facts. I infer that they are either Buddy Roemer himself or his paid campaign staff.

    This is no game here. The President of the U.S. has the power to destroy our nation and a large part of the world. The President must be mentally balanced.

    Buddy is not. People who have known him personally for many years or who have researched his past are all, without exception, not in favor of this campaign. Raymond D. Strother, a now-retired strategist who worked on his last successful campaign, calls Roemer “a misfit.”


  10. Vince Lisanti says:

    You are right about one thing NobodyAskedMeButSayAmen. This is no game here so stop hiding like a gutless troll and reveal yourself if you want anyone to even begin to take you seriously!! I am a proud american and I am pissed right now that scum like you exist. Not because of your lies and inaccurate allegations, but because you hide. Hiding is something that is in complete contrast to what Buddy Roemer does!

  11. Mark Nagle says:

    Nobodyaskedme…but. I find it funny that where ever I see an article that even mentions Buddys name, there you are posting the same (identical) B.S. You post false information and direct people to links that are also run by you.

    Curious about you I did a little research. I found a twitter profile where you are ONLY following MR. Roemer and no one is following you.A you tube profile with no substance. Doing a simple google search on “nobodyaskedme…but” brings up 7000+ results. It seems youve been busy. it takes alot of time to rack up 7000+ results. Now I cant imagine that this sites advertising brings in the bacon alone. This leads me to believe you are on somebody’s payroll, Somebody who would benefit from Buddy NOT winning. Your only content on any of your media is anti-buddy. You have an agenda. It is obvious that you are nothing more than a troll (and not a very clever one at that)

    You say that “people should do their research” but I’m guessing you would rather they take your word for it

    The only thing I can agree with you on is that in fact NOBODYASKEDYOU

  12. Say Amen says:

    The true believer acolytes of Buddy Roemer cannot stand anyone who would dare to try to wake them up from their fantasy dream.

    I was a believer, but I woke up when Buddy switched to Americans Elect. I decided to do research on him. What I found I posted in the comments written. Anyone can read them for themselves. I did not make anything up.

    I am working for no one and not in any way affiliated with any other campaign. I am merely afraid that if I could be fooled by Buddy Roemer into believing him, then he is a dangerous person, because I am not usually gullible.

    Huey Long, Adolph Hitler, and other demagogues were great speakers like Roemer, condemning others to convince the voters that they would fix the wrongs. My purpose and valuable time is spent to do my best to see that type of person does not fool the people again (I am not saying Buddy is evil like Hitler, but he is a liar, an opportunist, and incompetent).

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