Governor Romney ASNEC Remarks About Obama Hiding

“Nancy Pelosi famously said we would have to pass Obamacare to find out what was in it. President Obama has turned that advice into a campaign strategy. He wants to re-elect him, so we can find out what he’ll actually do. With all the challenges the nation faces, this is not the time for President Obama’s hide and seek campaign,” Mitt Romney said in a speech to the ASNEC. “President Obama has said he wants to transform America. I don’t want to transform America. I want to restore to America the values of economic freedom, and opportunity, and small government that made this nation the leader it is. It is opportunity that has always driven America, and defined us as Americans,” Romney said. President Obama also addressed this group the day before, and Romney addressed that. “I looked at what the president said. There were just so many things that I found to be distortions and inaccuracies, it’s hard to give a full list,” he said. “President Obama came here yesterday and railed against arguments no one is making and criticized policies no one is proposing. It’s one of his favorite strategies – setting up straw men to distract from his record.” Romney told the group of news executives that President Obama “is intent on hiding. You and I will have to do the seeking.”

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