Chris Dodd To Air His First Ad

Chris Dodd will air his first ad called ‘Half Measures Won’t Stop This President’ starting today. It is a 30 second spot with Dodd taking directly to us about withdrawing troops from Iraq. It will air in key early states and on cable channels. Dodd tells us in the ad, “Half measures won’t stop this president from continuing our involvement in Iraq’s civil war.” He goes on to say, “That’s why I’m fighting for the only responsible measure in Congress that would take away the president’s blank check and set a timetable to bring our troops home.” Earlier in the year Dodd backed a binding measure that would force Bush to redeploy the troops. He argues that nonbinding resolutions are useless. In the ad he tries to show the difference between him and the other candidates, and calls them out saying, “Unfortunately my colleagues running for President have not joined me.” He tells us, “we can’t simply wait for a new President. We should have the conviction to stand up to this one.”
Here is Chris Dodd’s first ad;

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