Mike Bloomberg Has One Billion Dollars Ready To Spend On His Campaign

Friends of Mike Bloomberg have been talking to the Washington Times and told them Bloomberg has set aside 1 billion dollars of his 5.5 billion dollar personal fortune to run for President. Bloomberg has told friends he will run on a third party ticket if he thinks he can influence the debate, and win the election. The one billion dollars puts him well ahead of any other candidate in fund raising, so he can focus more on campaigning than on fund raising. With a billion dollars he can spend as much as he wants. He could hire an entire army of petition gatherers, which will be necessary to get him on ballots in some states. He has actually upped the ante from earlier when he told another associate that he would be willing to spend 10% of his income, $500,000 to run as a third party candidate. Former Federal Election Commission Chairman Michael Toner calls him, “H. Ross Perot on steroids.” The Bloomberg team has been studying the 1982 campaign of H. Ross Perot, and has met with senior officials of the Perot campaign. Also on CBS’s Face The Nation last week Republican candidate Chuck Hagel mentioned the possibility of a Hagel – Bloomberg team, but if Bloomberg is putting out a billion dollars it should be a Bloomberg – Hagel ticket. There is a lot of dissatisfaction among Republicans and Democrats about their candidates, enough so that actor Fred Thompson is seriously considering jumping in on the Republican side. The Democrats have Hillary in the lead with negatives second only to Newt Gingrich, and a Senator with only two years experience is a Democratic superstar candidate. With all this weakness and dissatisfaction coming from the two main parties, this might be our chance to get out from under the two party system, and have an Independent President.
Alan Cosgrove

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