Fox News To Host Republican Debate Tonite American Idol Style

Fox News found a group willing to debate for them, the Republicans. 10 of the Republican candidates will join Fox News tonite at 9 pm eastern time. If you want to send the candidates a message you can through Fox technology, by clicking here. Also they have a way to text message your vote for who you think won the debate, ala American Idol style. The text messages will be accepted 9 pm to 12:30 am. The text message number is 36988. Then in the body of the message type the candidate’s number. Unlike American Idol the vote here is free.
The codes to enter for each candidate are:

R1 — Sam Brownback
R2 — Jim Gilmore
R3 — Rudy Giuliani
R4 — Mike Huckabee
R5 — Duncan Hunter
R6 — John McCain
R7 — Ron Paul
R8 — Mitt Romney
R9 — Tom Tancredo
R10 — Tommy Thompson

The codes are case-insensitive, so r7 will work as well as R7.
I would put my money on Ron Paul winning the text messaging poll.
Go to Fox News for more details and enjoy the debate.
Alan Cosgrove

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