Fantasy Politics 2008 The Presidential Fantasy Game

Our game Fantasy Politics 2008 The Game is up and running.  You can join now and pick  your four candidates.  Just click on the Fantasy Politics 2008 The Game link  on the Pages section and sign up today.  You can change your candidtes when they are weak, and trade them for someone that is hot.  Candidates get points for doing different things, and the point system is explained on the link for Points for Fantasy Politics  The Game 2008.   Points will accumulate untill election night Nov. 2007.  (even ex candidates can score points) We are still working on a few bugs, but overall it works great.  If you have any problems just sign out and sign in again, that seems to work.  Join now and Have some fun playing with these crazy politicians that have so much fun playing with us.  And thanks to and for their work on this project.  They designed and built this game. If you have any ideas for yourself contact either of these guys. 

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