Here’s The Video Banned In Congress

The folks at bravenewfilms have a new documentary called “Iraq For Sale.” The film is directed by Robert Greenwald, and it looks at the all the profiteering in Iraq. They talk with soldiers, truck drivers, and widows about the effects of this profiteering. On May 10th Greenwald was invited to testify before Congress by Rep. Jim Moran. Greenwald prepared a four minute video from the documentary to show Congress, but Republicans blocked his request to show the video. To buy the whole DVD go to Here is the four minute highlight video Congress won’t get to see;

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  2. Jay M. says:

    I think that we need to just get our troops out while we can, i’m sick of watching my family members and friends get hurt or killed because we cant get our crap together, if they (Iraqis) want to come over here after we leave then let them come they wont get very far, all I’m Saying is that I am tired of all of bush’s crap and all the families want their soldiers home.

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