Is Michael Bloomberg Running?

The New York Times is reporting that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has revived his old campaign web sight, Some feel this is a sign that Bloomberg is about to get into the 08 Presidential race as an independent. He touches on many issues on the new web sight, like gun control, education, poverty and the environment. According to Bloomberg, “This new Web site is the single place where people can go to find out what I’ve done not only in government, but in business and philanthropy as well.” He uses the new web sight to describe his first term as mayor, “While many wondered about New York’s future after the attacks of 9/11, Mayor Bloomberg brought a forward-looking agenda and optimistic spirit to his job and provided the leadership necessary to get New Yorkers through this uncertain time.” His spokesman says that Bloomberg is not running for President, but it looks like we might have a new “America’s Mayor” in the Presidential race.
Alan Cosgrove

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  1. PolitiChris says:

    Bloomberg won’t announce till Spring of ’08. He is uniquely positioned to make a strong entrance into the race, with lots of cash, a 70% approval rating in NYC and the early primaries leaving him a seven-month window to make his case.

  2. J says:

    I heard Bloomberg speak today at a commencement. It was interesting. Here is the report:

  3. We are so excited! First major public step. Its so great to see a real Fiscal Conservative, Socially Liberal, Green candidate! Help him run:

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