Hillary Clinton Gets The First National Union Endorsement

Today the United Transportation Union (UTU) announced that they endorse Hillary Clinton as the next President. The UTU is the largest railroad operating union in North America, and represents members in the railroad, bus and public transit industries. They are also one of the largest donors in organized labor with most of their money going to Democratic candidates. According to the UTU website, “It is a high honor and a distinct privilege to be the first labor union in making this endorsement. The UTU has a long history of picking winners early. Hillary will be a president that America’s working families can count on. Time and again, as a United States senator, she has stood with us.” UTU National Legislative Director James Brunkenhoefer says, “We need a president with the strength and experience to stand up for America’s workers and their retirement security. Hillary Clinton is that leader.” Democrats have been courting the union vote for some time, and this early endorsement is good sign for Clinton. “I am honored to receive the support of the United Transportation Union,” Clinton said in a press release. “America’s workers have been invisible to this administration, and it’s time they had an advocate in the White House.”
Alan Cosgrove

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