Fidel Castro Endorses A Clinton Obama Ticket

In an editorial titled “Reflections of President Fidel Castro, Submission to Imperial Politics” in Cuba’s communist party newspaper, Granma, Fidel Castro ruminated on American Presidents during his time. Castro said that Jimmy Carter was his favorite saying he, “was not an accomplice to the brutal terrorism against Cuba.” He also liked Gerald Ford because he, “forbade that United States officials should be used to assassinate Cuban leaders,” but he called him a “symbolic President.” Castro said that Bill Clinton was, “friendly, as well as intelligent, in demanding adherence to the law in the case of the kidnapped boy, when he was rescued by special federal agents sent from Washington.” Then Castro writes about the current election and calls a Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama team a, “seemingly invincible ticket.” Then he writes, “Both of them feel the sacred duty of demanding “a democratic government in Cuba”. They are not making politics: they are playing a game of cards on a Sunday afternoon.” Playing a game of cards on Sunday?? Did we lose something in the translation? He also feels Al Gore would make a good President because, “better than anyone, he knows about the kind of catastrophe that awaits humanity if it continues along its current course. When he was a candidate, he of course committed the error of yearning for “a democratic Cuba.”” But, Castro doesn’t think Gore will jump in. Obama and Clinton actually have different ideas on what to do with Cuba. Clinton wants to not change anything until at least Castro passes on. Obama on the other hand has endorsed greater contact with the island nation. And I thought this guy died last week?
Alan Cosgrove

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