Joe Biden Says Bush Is Delaying The Wars End To Save Face

Joe Biden said that President Bush is dragging out the war in Iraq so he doesn’t have an embarrassing ending or pullout on his shift. Biden, who heads the the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, says he will launch hearings into the Iraq war as soon as the Senate gets back to work. Biden says the central government in Iraq is not working and we need to help local and tribal leaders get more control of their country. “The central government in Iraq has no possibility of winning the trust of the Iraqi people. That is not happening and absent an occupation for a generation, which is not in our DNA, or a return to a dictator, which would be the ultimate irony for us. Iraq cannot and will not be governed from the center,” Biden says. Biden called for a diplomatic solution for Iraq, one that reaches out to other world leaders, including Syria and Iran. “It’s long past the time we make Iraq the world’s problem, not our own,” he said. Although he says he doesn’t trust Iran, Biden says it is necessary to work with Iran and other countries to stabilize the country or Iraq will quickly disintegrate. “You will see a break along tribal lines and you will see the Iranians having their hands full deciding who among the tribal factions they will support,” Biden says. Biden says that Bush’s policies in Iraq are doomed, and compared the war in Iraq to Hurricane Katrina. “The president continues to suffer from what I refer to as the Katrina complex,” he said. “The Katrina complex is, ignore all the warnings, bad things happen, continue to follow the same bad, failed policy and things get worse and worse. That’s exactly what this policy is doing to us.” President Bush has no intentions of ending this war before he leaves office, it is making way to much money for him and his cronies. Besides, for some reason they think there might be a chance that history will smile kindly of this administration, and a messy retreat from Iraq would tarnish his legacy.
Alan Cosgrove

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