Hillary Clinton Says We Need To Reassess NAFTA

Hillary Clinton was giving a speech before a room full of union members and leaders, and told them we need to look at trade deals every five years. Bill Clinton signed the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) during his presidency, and many union members have problems with that agreement because it displaces American workers. Hillary Clinton agreed and said NAFTA suffered from “serious shortcomings.” “I think it is time that we assess trade agreements every five years to make sure they’re meeting their goals or to make adjustments if they are not,” Clinton said. “And we should start by doing that with NAFTA.” Clinton also laid out the details of her economic plans that she said would benefit the shrinking middle class. Clinton pointed out that in 2005 all the economic gains went to the top 10% while the other 90% saw a loss in income. “We have to change our economic course just as we have to change course in Iraq and change course when it comes to healthcare,” she said. “I judge the health of our economy by asking whether our middle class is expanding and getting ahead. This administration has failed that test. Mine will not.” In addition to reviews of trade agreements every five year, Clinton will appoint a federal trade enforcement officer who would monitor compliance with trade agreements. Clinton’s opponents have attacked her for NAFTA. Particularly John Edwards who said he would renegotiate the agreement because it cost American jobs. Clinton is showing her independence by breaking again with the previous Clinton presidency. So with Hillary you get all the good stuff you remember about Bill, and she promises to address the other stuff with her own policies.
Alan Cosgrove

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  1. John says:

    I do NOT trust Hillary Clinton. Clinton will say anything to get elected.

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