Richardson Loses An Aide Because Of Stance On Iraq War

A South Carolina aide for Bill Richardson has quit Richardson’s campaign to go join Joe Biden’s campaign. Fletcher Smith, who was co-chairman of Richardson’s South Carolina campaign, cited Richardson’s stance on the Iraq war. Richardson plan is to withdraw the troops immediately. Smith said Biden’s plan to divide Iraq into three regions makes more sense. “To me it’s the only way this problem is going to be resolved,” Smith said in a interview. “Right now we have a quicksand of a civil war, and I don’t believe we can just pull out precipitously in a six month period of time without jeopardizing our interests in the region. We don’t need another evacuation that we had in Vietnam.” Smith now endorses Biden saying, “He is the man at the right time, with the right approach, to lead our nation out of this morass.” Smith is a member of the South Carolina Legislative Black Caucus, and has been on Richardson’s team since July. Smith also said he liked Biden because he is Irish-American. Smith said, “Irish-Americans faced the same problems African-Americans have faced in this country.” The Richardson campaign team has responded by saying, “Governor Richardson has a real plan to get our troops out of Iraq. He’s the only major candidate who will get all of our troops out quickly and leave no residual forces whatsoever. Our men and women are currently targets in Iraq. The longer we stay, the more will die.”
Alan Cosgrove

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