Hillary Would Be Winner Under GOP Rules

Bill Clinton was campaigning with Hillary and argued that Hillary would be winning under GOP rules. The Democrats award delegates through a proportional system, whereas the Republicans have a winner take all system with many states. Hillary has won the large states so far, and Barack Obama has won many of the smaller states but has stayed close to Clinton in the large states. “If we were under the Republican system, which is more like the Electoral College, she’d have a 300 delegate lead here,” Clinton told the Washington Post. “I mean, Senator McCain is already the nominee because they chose a system to produce that result, and we don’t have a nominee here, because the Democrats chose a system that prevents that result.” Obama has for the most part won only in the blue states which McCain should win easily this fall. He has also won most of the Caucuses which are nothing like the real election process. The flaws of the caucus system were pointed out by the Texas two step where Clinton won the primary part where people go into private booths and vote for their candidate. She lost the caucus part where the voting is based on peer pressure and bullying. The Obama maniacs like to use this to claim Obama won the state while more voters actually voted for Clinton. He did get the most delegates out of the state, and hence evidence of the the systems flaws. Bill Clinton is correct that the Democrats system has some major flaws, but it was during his tenure when most of this stuff was started.
Alan Cosgrove

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